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Remington pole saw oil cap and bulb part 107512-01 107512-01
Polesaw Oil Cap with Bulb

Remington pole saw trigger switch part 077525S 077525S
Pole and Saw Trigger Switch

Remington pole saw sprocket gear part 107713-01 107713-01
Sprocket Gear - 3 1/2" Diameter






Remington Pole saw parts for Remington electric Pole saws manufactured by DESA
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Remington pole saw latch lever part 121560-01 121560-01
Pole Latch Lever (locking lever)

Remington pole saw bracket kit 111304-01 111304-01
Polesaw Bracket (includes: 111182-01)

Remington pole saw chain adjustment plate 077115 077115
Chain Adjustment Plate (chain adjuster)

Remington pole saw sprocket kit parts 122511-01 122511-01
Sprocket Gear Kit - 3 1/2" Diameter

Remington pole saw oil bottle reservoir with oil cap and bulb part 108639-01 108639-01
Oil Bottle and Oil Cap with bulb

Remington pole saw sprocket cover kit part 122509-01 122509-01
Sprocket Cover Kit

Remington pole saw sprocket roller bearing part 075676 075676
Roller Bearing

Remington pole saw drive gear part 059606 059606
Drive Gear (1/2' H )

Remington pole saw E-ring clip part 108120-01 108120-01
Retainer, E-RING

Remington pole saw sprocket support part 077143 077143
Sprocket Support

Remington pole saw 10 inch saw chain part 10SC 10SC
10SC Saw Chain (40 drive teeth)

Remington pole saw 10 inch guide bar part 10sb 10SB
10SB Guide Bar (10" cut length)

Remington pole saw 8 inch saw chain part 8sc 8SC
8SC Saw Chain (34 drive teeth)

Remington pole saw 8 inch guide bar part 8sb 8SB
8SB Guide Bar (8" cut length)

Remington pole saw 6 inch saw chain part 6sc 6SC
6SC Saw Chain (28 drive teeth)

Remington pole saw 6 inch guide bar part 6sb 6SB
6SB Guide Bar (6" cut length)

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